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Pet Diagnostics Veterinary Service in Glendale, AZ

At Cactus Pet Hospital, we use diagnostics as a valuable tool in veterinary medicine to help see what is wrong with our patients.

Pet Diagnostics

At Cactus Pet Hospital, we have a veterinary diagnostic lab that contains advanced tools to help us diagnose your pet’s medical condition accurately.

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Pet Diagnostics

Here at Cactus Pet Hospital, we provide the following diagnostics to help in the diagnosis and treatment of your pet:

  • CBC/chemistry to check for organ abnormality and infection in the blood.
  • Digital x-rays  and ultrasounds to check for any obstruction, organ enlargement, tumors, pneumonia, pregnancy, etc.
  • Heartworm test to check for heartworm. Many dogs in our area get heartworm which is transmitted through mosquitoes and can be life-threatening to pets.
  • Leukemia/FIV test to make sure cats are free from these diseases and can be mixed with other household pets.
  •  Valley fever test: Valley fever is very common in our area and can cause serious illness in your pet.
  • A fecal test to make sure that your pets are free of parasites, some parasites can be transmitted to humans, especially kids and seniors.
  •  Eye pressure checks to make sure your pets do not have any glaucoma.
  •  EKG and echocardiogram for diagnosis of heart disease and treatment of heart disease.
  •  Urine test to make sure your pet does not have UTI, diabetes, etc.