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Pet Surgery Veterinary Service in Glendale, AZ

Cactus Pet Hospital has everything necessary to provide your pet with the best surgical care possible! Read on to find out more.

Pet Surgery

Our veterinarians and the rest of the veterinary team will ensure that your pet is at ease throughout the procedure.

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Pet Surgery

Cactus Pet Hospital offers elective and emergency soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. We offer neutering, spaying, tumor removal, wound repair, eye surgery, eyelid surgery, foreign body removal, and orthopedic surgeries including TPLO, MPL surgery, and fracture repair. Many surgeries are performed by our general practitioners, but specialty surgery can be performed by our board-certified surgeon as needed.

For any pre-surgical exam, it is a good idea to do blood work to make sure your pet does not have any preexisting condition(s). This could interfere with the surgery and can affect our choice of anesthesia and x-rays to make sure that the pet does not have a spread of cancer.

To schedule an appointment, contact us today! We look forward to treating your pet.